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WEBINAR: Holistic Menopause Support: Finding Balance Between Clinical and Complementary Therapies

Watch our webinar discussing how a combination of clinical and complementary therapies can help support women during menopause.

Our two expert speakers, Jo and Marva, bring years of experience in their respective fields to share insights and best practices for managing menopause symptoms.

Jo is a registered nurse with 20 years of experience, and currently offers menopause consultations and blood tests at All Health Matters. She will discuss how clinical treatments can be used to manage menopause symptoms and offer support to women during this transition.

Marva is the Founder of Shhh… Menopause Wellness and develops and formulates products to ease menopause symptoms, including sleep sprays, magnesium sprays, bath salts, and supplements. She will share her expertise on complementary therapies and how they can complement clinical treatments to provide a holistic approach to managing menopause symptoms.

During this panel discussion, you'll hear from both Jo and Marva about how their respective approaches can work together to provide women with the support they need during menopause.


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