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Fit to work medicals & health surveillance

What’s this?

Health surveillance is a routine medical assessment that is repeated at regular intervals when an employee is exposed to hazards that could affect their health. e.g. noise, dust, chemicals, vibration. Results are compared over time allowing an overview of the workers’ health and the ability to spot trends. Some health surveillance is mandatory, and other times it is just best practice. Health surveillance helps you ensure your health & safety measures are effective in mitigating risk to worker’s health.

Fit to Work Medicals are also medical assessments but are usually required to confirm fitness for a one-off project when routine recall is not necessarily required.

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The business case for health surveillance and fit to work medicals

In certain environments, health surveillance is a statutory requirement and the HSE will expect it to be carried out routinely. In other circumstances, it is advisable under your duty of care even if it is not required by law.

Health surveillance allows your occupational health provider to monitor the health or your workforce over several years. The OH service can make sure the worker’s health is not deteriorating because of the work they do, as well as providing a routine reminder to your employees about the importance of PPE and following Health & Safety processes to protect their health. The OH service can give specialist advice about any restrictions that may need to be considered should an employee present with a health issue. They can work with you to identify whether the cause of the ill health could be work related, allowing you to investigate and check the measures you have in place are working.

The OH service can look at the health data across whole departments to check for trends and markers, and help you spot potentials issues early, protecting the business from widespread work-related ill health.

Fit to Work Medicals are often required to ensure your workers are fit to work on certain projects. All Health Matters has a fast turn around of appointments and fitness certificates, and can help you get the certification you need quickly.

Delivery method

The decision between questionnaire-based assessments and face to face medicals will be driven by your risk assessment and any statutory requirements.

  • Online questionnaire screening – followed up by telephone call/video call if required

  • Telephone questionnaire screening - where appropriate during covid-19

  • Medical assessment on-site* - minimum charge applicable – best for group bookings

  • Medical assessment on-site in AHM mobile clinic* - minimum charge & mobile hire applicable – best for group bookings

  • Medical assessment at AHM clinic* - Canterbury, West London, East London, Bexhill


Service levels

We aim to screen questionnaires within 2 days, and 60% of these are screened and fitness certificates sent back the same day.

We aim to offer a date for a medical assessment within 10 working days at AHM clinics but can usually find appointments the same week.

On-site or mobile unit bookings can usually be accommodated within 10 working days, but very occasionally during busier periods there can be up to a 4 week wait.

Fitness certificates are sent back the same day as medical assessments in 90% of cases, and we aim for all certificates to be returned within 2 days.

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Fit to Work & Health surveillance
Occupational health referrals

Occupational health referrals / management referrals

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What’s this?

When you need advice about medical capability, managing an employee’s return to work after ill health, or any other medical advice regarding employment matters, you can refer the employee to occupational health for a consultation.


They will be seen by a clinical specialist in health and work, who will provide a report outlining advice about how to manage that case and answer any questions you have asked.

The business case

Having an employee off sick costs your business money and time, plus it can affect the productivity and morale of their wider team. Getting them back to work effectively as soon as possible reduces this burden, and a referral to occupational health can help you do this.

GP ‘fit notes’ can often be vague, signing people off sick for weeks at a time, when in reality they could still be at work even though this may not be in their substantive role.

Occupational Health specialists are able to look at the employee’s health in relation to their job role and assess whether adjustments could be made to allow them to stay at work, or recommend redeployment if there is an alternative role available. Unlike GPs, who tend to focus solely on the individual, OH practitioners are mindful of the challenges employers face when employees are ill and can give impartial advice with both the employer and employee in mind.

Work, on the whole, is good for people, and having weeks away can make it difficult for employees to return. Of course, in some cases, there will be a legitimate reason for an employee to remain off work, and OH can help you by liaising with employees and their doctors to ascertain a realistic return to work date, or support you through ill health retirement if there is no chance of return.

The advice given in OH reports is just that – advice, and the decision about whether to follow the advice or not is ultimately down to you and how your business will be affected. You’re never expected to put your business in jeopardy to accommodate one employee, but an Employment Tribunal would expect to see evidence that you have done all that you can to explore all available options, before dismissing on the grounds of medical capability.

Delivery method

  • Face to face consultation on-site* - minimum charge applicable – best for group bookings

  • Face to face consultation at AHM clinic* - Canterbury, West London, East London

  • Telephone/Video consultation - if suitable or if a face to face consultation cannot be arranged


Service levels

We aim to offer a date for a consultation within 10 working days at AHM clinics but can often find appointments the same week.

On-site consultations are usually carried out as part of a day visit, during which we see multiple people.  "One off" on-site consultations can be arranged, although minimum charges are likely to apply. These can usually be accommodated within 2 – 4 weeks.

We aim to return reports within 2 working days, and achieve this in 88% of cases, however employees can request to see the report before their employer and in this instance, there may be a delay whilst we obtain their consent to release. We'll keep you informed through the process so you know what to expect.

All reports come with 4 weeks remote support for the referring manager following receipt of report. This does not include follow up consultations, but is helpful if the manager has questions about the report, needs clarification, or advice about next steps.

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Pre-placement screening

Pre-placement screening

What’s this?

After a job has been offered, and before employment commences, it might be appropriate to assess the candidate’s health in relation to the job role. This gives you confidence that the employee is medically fit for the role before they start, and allows you to put in place any necessary measures to support existing health conditions.


This can be done by online questionnaire screening, or through a face to face medical depending on the risk and requirements of the role and employer.

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The business case

A pre-placement assessment allows employers to confirm an employee’s fitness for the role and, if pre-existing conditions or special circumstances exist, to identify any adjustments or restrictions that may need to be considered in order to help the new employee work safely and effectively. Having this information before an employee starts work is invaluable as it allows you to make informed decisions and prevent exacerbated ill health down the line.

Assessments must be relevant to the risks presented by the new employee’s job role, and the questions have to be appropriate.  It is no longer acceptable to send out general health questionnaires to all employees for no justified reason.

Using an effective OH service to carry out your screening ensures that the data collected is relevant and kept confidential, encouraging the employee to be more open about their health. Being specialists in health & work, we are also best placed to give you relevant, specialist advice about how to manage any health issues in the workplace, taking away the guess work for you and ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to fulfil your legal obligations.

For roles involving specific health risks, pre-placement medicals can also determine a person’s health at the beginning of their employment as a bench mark against which to compare to subsequent results.  This ‘health surveillance’ ensures that the control measures (extraction, PPE etc) in place are working effectively and allows for early intervention if they are not, and also gives the employer some protection against spurious claims of work-related ill health that already existed before employment began.

All Health Matters makes the online questionnaire process very simple:

  • You notify us of your new starter and submit their details via our client dashboard

  • An online questionnaire – appropriate to their job role -  is sent to the new starter, they submit their answers and the questionnaire is screened

  • We release a ‘fit note’ to your dashboard for you to view and download if you wish, and store it there indefinitely for you to access at any time

Pre-placement assessments make business sense because:

  • They ensure employees are fit for the role offered before they start, avoiding unexpected issues arising ‘on the job’ which could endanger the safety of your workers

  • You get independent specialist advice about any adjustments that need to be made to allow the employee to work safely

  • The onus is put on your OH provider to manage and process confidential medical information, leaving your staff to focus on what they’re good at

  • They help protect your business against spurious claims of work-related ill health



Delivery method

  • Online questionnaire screening – followed up by telephone call/video call if required

  • Medical assessment at AHM clinic* - Canterbury, West London, East London, Bexhill

  • Medical assessment on-site* - minimum charge applicable – best for group bookings

  • Medical assessment on-site in AHM mobile clinic* - minimum charge & mobile hire applicable – best for group bookings


Service levels

We aim to screen questionnaires within 2 days, and 60% of these are screened and fitness certificates sent back the same day.

We aim to offer a date for a medical assessment within 10 working days at AHM clinics but can usually find appointments the same week.

On-site or mobile unit bookings can usually be accommodated within 10 working days, but very occasionally during busier periods there can be up to a 4 week wait.

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Drug & alcohol testing

Drug & alcohol testing

What’s this?

Drug testing is usually carried out either via an 'instant' urine test, or a urine sample sent to the laboratory. Alcohol testing is usually performed as a breath test, or in some cases, a saliva test.


These tests determine whether employees have been using substances in contradiction with your drug and alcohol policy.


Testing can be carried out at pre-placement stage, as a random screening programme, or ‘for cause’ if you suspect someone is under the influence at work. We can also help with policy creation and implementation should you need assistance.

The business case


There are many good reasons to implement a drug and alcohol policy. Usually the reason is that the nature of the work you do means having an employee under the influence of alcohol or drugs could put people’s health and safety at risk – be that the person themselves, their colleagues, or the general public.

Testing for drugs & alcohol at pre-placement stage can alert you if you’re about to employ someone who is a drug user or has an alcohol problem, and give you the grounds to revoke the job offer.

Random testing on your existing employees helps you ensure that no one has started using drugs or become dependent on alcohol. If they have, it gives you the opportunity to support valued employees to quit if they are willing.

‘For cause’ testing can be carried out following an accident, a report of suspected substance abuse, or an unusual event which could be attributed to substance abuse, and lets you act according to policy.

Drug testing: We use instant urine drug tests which give a result in five minutes. The result is either negative or ‘non-negative’. For negative results, we can issue a certificate the same day. Non-negative results are sent to our lab for further analysis as there are some safe substances that can generate a non-negative response, such as some prescription medicines and even poppy seeds. The lab test results are usually returned to us within 2 – 5 days at which point they are reviewed by our clinical team and a certificate is issued.

Alcohol testing: This is usually carried out with our police grade breathalysers* which give an instant reading of the user’s breath alcohol content to compare with your policy guidelines. In some instances, a saliva test may be more appropriate.

Delivery method:

  • Testing conducted on-site - minimum charge applicable – best for group bookings

  • Testing conducted on-site in AHM mobile clinic - minimum charge & mobile hire applicable – best for group bookings

  • Testing conducted at AHM clinic - Canterbury, West London, East London, Bexhill

Service levels:

We aim to offer a date for drug and/or alcohol testing within 10 working days at AHM clinics but can usually find appointments the same week.

On-site or mobile unit bookings can usually be accommodated within 10 working days, but very occasionally during busier periods there can be up to a 4 week wait.

A 2-hour-Response service can be arranged with prior agreement for ‘for cause’ testing on site, or we can train your team to carry out ‘for cause’ testing themselves.

Certificates are sent back the same day as the test in 90% of cases, and we aim for all certificates to be returned within 2 days unless there is a delay with the lab in which case we will keep you informed and should be able to return it in 5 days.

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DSE Assessments

DSE Assessments

What’s this?

Users of DSE (Display Screen Equipment) can be assessed either by questionnaire screening, or through a face to face assessment. The assessment looks at the way the user's desk and equipment are set up to ensure it is suitable for the user and ergonomically sound. Environmental factors are also taken into account, as well as the user's ability to use the required software effectively. The assessment also checks for adverse health symptoms that could be related to improper use of DSE, and makes suggestions to mitigate the risk of new or further injury.

Image by Antonio Manaligod
Image by Nicole Wolf
The business case


It is a legal requirement for employers to carry out a DSE assessment for all applicable users. The DSE Regulations apply to workers if they use DSE every day for one hour or more at a time. If they use DSE less often than that, the regulations are unlikely to apply.

Important to note is that the regulations don't only apply to people working at a fixed desk in an office. Other DSE users may require DSE assessments, such as home workers, mobile workers, those using hot-desks, and those using DSE in non-office environments.

Besides the legality of assessments, it makes business sense to mitigate the risks of DSE related illness or injury. Improper use of DSE or a poor desk set up can result in employees experiencing a range of adverse health effects such as back and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury, fatigue, and eyestrain. An effective DSE assessment can help prevent these issues, reducing the time and cost of related sickness absence and HR issues.

For this reason, it is wise to conduct DSE assessments at the start of someone's employment, or commencement in a DSE user role, when a user moves to a new workstation, or if there are any changes made to the workstation, equipment, furniture, software or environment.

When an issue is identified, an effective DSE assessor will make appropriate recommendations to rectify the problem. This may be as simple as adjusting the height of the screen during an assessment, or for more complex issues, a recommendation for particular equipment such as a foot rest or an ergonomic mouse or chair.


DSE assessments provide the opportunity to educate employees about how to reduce their risk of DSE related injury. Once employees are empowered with this knowledge, they can work effectively and safely with DSE throughout their employment.


Delivery method:

  • Online self assessment questionnaire - talks users through correct set up and checks for symptoms before being screened by an AHM clinician. if issues are identified, the clinician will follow up with a phone call before producing a DSE certificate. 

  • Video assessment - remote assessment with an AHM clinician

  • Face to face 'at desk' assessment* - in person assessment with an AHM clinician - minimum charge applicable – best for group bookings

Service levels:

Online DSE self assessment questionnaires can be sent out immediately upon your instruction subject to payment terms being agreed. We aim to screen all questionnaires within 2 working days and will release DSE certificates at the same time.


We aim to offer a date for video DSE assessments within 10 working days but can usually find appointments the same week.

On-site face to face bookings can usually be accommodated within 10 working days, but very occasionally during busier periods there can be up to a 4 week wait.

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Employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing

Healthy Meal
Nurse Talking to Patient
What’s this?

Employee wellbeing initiatives can take many forms and be tailored to the needs of your business. From 15 minute "mini health checks" to 2 hour executive medicals, corporate wellness fairs, health webinars, workshops, and poster or email campaigns.


The best health promotion campaigns utilise the communication methods that work best for your organisation - and target topics that are relevant to your workforce.

The business case


When your workforce is healthy, they are more productive, and when an employer shows that they value the health of their employees, this promotes loyalty and better morale.

Whether you have an established employee wellbeing strategy or are just starting to dip your toe into the world of workplace wellbeing, it is always a good time to promote health at work.

Many employees spend the majority of their waking lives at work, which makes the workplace the perfect platform for health education. Engaging campaigns with practical advice and fun activities not only help these messages sink in, but help to show employees that they are valued. Employees who feel valued are more likely to stay with you, and employees who adopt a healthy lifestyle are less likely to need time off over the course of their working life, which is good for everyone.

You could offer mini health checks to all your staff, or perhaps provide executive medicals as an additional benefit to your most valuable employees. Or perhaps a wellbeing day suits you better or resources to support a rolling programme of topics throughout the year.

Flexibility is key to delivering an effective wellbeing campaign. We can help you mould a campaign to suit your team and your needs. We work with you to understand what you’re imagining, or if you’re not sure what you want, we can propose a range of options from which to choose. We've run campaigns on mental health and mindfulness, back pain, healthy eating, alcohol, travel health, diabetes and much more.

Calling on our network of specialists, from psychologists, to nutritionists, physiotherapists to sleep specialists, yoga instructors to motivational speakers, we can provide specialist talks, workshops and consultations. We can also set up a stand or activity at your site and spend the day engaging with your workforce and talking about health. Whatever it is, we can make it happen.

Delivery method:

  • On-site* campaigns / wellness days / mini health checks / workshops / talks / mini specialist consultations

  • Online webinars / workshops / talks

  • Executive medicals and well man / well woman medicals at AHM clinics* - Canterbury, West London, East London, Bexhill, or one of our network clinics

  • Electronic resources provided for you to use including videos, fact sheets, posters, email templates and slides

Receive free employee wellbeing resources straight to your inbox every month. 

Register for our Health Chatter newsletter:

Service levels:

We can usually book on-site campaigns within one month, although it is helpful to have more time to put a campaign together so as much notice as possible is appreciated.

Medicals at AHM clinics can usually be facilitated within 2-4 weeks depending on the level of medical.

Electronic resources can be provided as often as monthly and can be branded with your corporate logo.

Did you know? We offer a free downloadable fact sheet every month on a different health promotion topic for you to share with your teams. Visit our website to register to receive our Health Chatter emails

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Occupational vaccines & flu

Occupational Vaccines & Flu

What’s this?

Occupational - Certain jobs bring the employee into contact with hazardous pathogens against which there is an effective vaccine. In this case it may be appropriate to vaccinate them to reduce their risk.

Influenza - Workplace flu vaccinations are delivered to your employees each year to protect them against the most common strains of flu.

Image by Elena Mozhvilo
Image by Hyttalo Souza
The business case


An employer has a ‘Duty of Care’ to eliminate or minimise known risks to health. Vaccination against avoidable diseases such as Hepatitis B is safe and effective, and helps employers fulfil this duty where employees are exposed to harmful pathogens. Once the initial course of vaccines is complete, employees may be immune for life, or may need booster vaccinations routinely but this is usually no more frequent that every five years, depending on the diseases being vaccinated against. We monitor when vaccinations are due and can get in touch to let you know so you can be confident your team are up to date with all necessary vaccinations.

The Flu vaccine reduces the chances of employees becoming ill and needing time off work, and if they do still get the flu (no vaccine is 100% effective) then their symptoms may be less severe. Similarly, by providing even just some employees with immunity, it reduces the number of opportunities for the virus to spread. This means less sickness over all, both at work and at home.

Offering a free flu vaccine shows your employees you care about their wellbeing, and employees who are healthy and happy at work are likely to be more productive and loyal to their employer. We also provide Flu FAQs for those who aren’t sure whether it’s right for them.


A flu jab only takes a few minutes per person, and downtime is minimal as we come to you on a convenient date and provide all paperwork for employees to complete before we arrive. All they have to do is pop along at an agreed time, have a quick chat with the nurse, have their vaccination and they’re free to go back to work. If you need to accommodate different shifts / different sites / catch people at specific times, tell us what you need and we’ll make it work.


We use mobile temperature controlled fridges to transport our vaccines and our nurses carry all appropriate clinical supplies and equipment to every site. The nurse will always check the vaccine is suitable for each individual before administering it and give advice about aftercare.


Delivery method:

  • Vaccines delivered on-site - minimum charge applicable – best for group bookings

  • Vaccines delivered on-site in AHM mobile clinic - minimum charge & mobile hire applicable – best for group bookings

  • Vaccines delivered at AHM clinic - Canterbury, West London, East London, Bexhill – best for “one offs”, or people who missed our site visit

Service levels:

Occupational vaccines:


We aim to offer a date for occupational vaccines within 10 working days at AHM clinics but can usually find appointments the same week.


Occupational vaccines  delivered on-site can usually be accommodated within 2 weeks, but very occasionally during busier periods there can be up to a 4 week wait.

Workplace flu vaccinations:

The flu vaccine is made to order each year, and orders must be placed in the Spring. Please let us know as early as possible each year approximately how many vaccines you will need so we can make sure we have enough for you.


The flu season runs from the end of September through to January. We will work with you to find a convenient date during that period and can fit around your schedule – need an early morning or lunchtime session? Just let us know and we’ll find a date that suits. Because everybody wants flu vaccines at the same time of year, we also start getting bookings as early as Spring, so the more notice you can give us, the more flexible we can be with dates.

Next steps:
Travel health services

Travel health services

Image by Connor Jalbert
Doctor and Patient
What’s this?

For business or leisure, we offer travel consultations, vaccines, anti-malaria medication, yellow fever certificates, travel first aid kits and health advice about your destination. We can also provide talks and workshops to educate your team about certain travel health topics such as malaria prevention or food hygiene abroad.

The business case


If you have business travellers flying to countries where vaccines or medications are recommended, it makes sense to ensure they are protected and informed before they go.

Very few GPs offer a full travel vaccine service, and in most cases, vaccines are not free on the NHS.

Having a trusted provider of travel health services that you can call on when the need arises make it easy, and we can monitor vaccine schedules to make sure your employees are kept up to date with necessary booster vaccines.

Having travel health specialists on hand is also valuable for post-exposure advice should an employee experience symptoms on their return.

Delivery method:

  • Travel consultations carried out at AHM’s clinics in Canterbury, East London and West London – each clinic is a designated Yellow Fever Centre.

  • Travel consultations conducted on-site - possible by prior arrangement for a group of people, however telephone consultations may be required beforehand to ensure the correct vaccines are brought

  • Travel consultations conducted on-site in AHM mobile clinic - possible by prior arrangement for a group of people, however telephone consultations may be required beforehand to ensure the correct vaccines are brought

  • Telephone travel consultations – advice and vaccine recommendations only

Service levels:

We aim to offer a date for a travel consultation within 10 working days at AHM clinics but can usually find appointments the same week.

On-site or mobile unit bookings can usually be accommodated within 2-4 weeks.

Telephone consultations can usually be accommodated within 7-10 working days.

Next steps:
OH Needs Audit

Occupational Health Needs Audit

What’s this?

Our specialist team can audit your sites, working practices, and any existing occupational health provision to make sure your occupational health needs are being met.

We talk to managers and workers across your site(s), review policies and legislative requirements relevant to your business, examine your risks, requirements, and long term goals. We then report back on our findings to let you know how well your current provision fits with your needs and expectations, and what could be done to improve your occupational health service.

Image by NeONBRAND
Occupational Health Needs Audit | All He
The business case


An effective occupational health service meets the specific needs of the business, no more, no less. The best way to understand your requirements is by talking to members of staff throughout your organisation to understand what the prevailing risks and health concerns are.

Whilst some aspects of occupational health are driven by legislation, the nuances of the types of work carried out by teams varies from business to business, department to department and even person to person.


For example: You may have a team of operatives, all of whom work in a noisy environment, 3 of which are safety critical workers because they work in confined spaces, and 2 of which are also fork lift truck drivers. Whilst these workers may all have the title "Operative", they don't all require a full fork lift truck or safety critical medical which may take longer than a 'standard' medical.


Making sure these nuances are captured when planning an OH services is important to ensure time and resources are used efficiently. 


Similarly, you may have an aging workforce who would benefit from health education about managing musculoskeletal issues. Or a busy finance team that suffers from high levels of stress related sickness absence and needs help embedding resilience strategies into their team culture.

Making sure the occupational health service fulfils needs specific to your business and your employees ensures you are getting the best possible value and not paying for unnecessary services. Targeting the issues that matter to your workforce helps improve productivity and engagement, and provides long lasting health benefits therefore minimising sickness absence. It is therefore worth investing in getting the service right in the beginning, to ensure long term financial, cultural, and health benefits to your business and employees.

Our testimonials show that our clients value our honesty and integrity, and we pride ourselves on our ability to see the big picture and recommend services that you actually need, without embellishing to suit our own needs. Furthermore, OH audits are carried out with no obligation to use All Health Matters as your OH provider going forward so you can be assured of an accurate, honest report with realistic, practical advice and recommendations.


Delivery method:

  • On-site audit - an OH specialist will visit your site(s) over one or more days to understand your business and health requirements

Service levels:
We aim to offer a date for site visit within 4 weeks.
We aim to provide the report within 10 working days of the site visit.

Next steps:
Associated services

Associated Services

Image by Connor Jalbert
Doctor and Patient
What’s this?

We have a network of Counsellors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists,  Nutritionists, and Muscular and Respiratory Physiotherapists who we work closely with and can refer to if the need arises.

This might be required as a one off measure in response to, for example, an employee who has suffered a trauma and requires counselling, or an employee whose return to work is delayed because of NHS waiting lists for therapy. 


Alternatively, regular provision of services might be appropriate such as regular onsite physiotherapy services for organisations with a high musculoskeletal risk.

The business case


If an employee is suffering with their physical or mental health, and it is affecting their ability to do their job, then it makes sense to do what you can to get them back to work as quickly as possible.

With NHS services under pressure and long waiting lists for mental health and physiotherapy, employees can be left struggling and unable to work, or at reduced capacity for weeks, sometimes getting worse while they wait.


Finding a quicker route into these therapies for your employee can help you get them back to full capacity quicker than you would if waiting for the NHS and prevent any deterioration of their condition that may come from a delay in getting help.

Employees appreciate the fast track to care provided by employers, and this prompts greater loyalty and respect. Employers appreciate the ability to help their employees in a tangible way and reduce the strain on the company by enabling a quicker recovery.

Delivery method:

Psychological services:

  • On-site counselling / psychotherapy clinics* – ad hoc or regular provision - minimum charge per day, best for groups

  • Counselling / psychotherapy at AHM’s clinic in Canterbury* - or in the clinics of our network counsellors

  • Telephone or video counselling / psychotherapy

  • Emergency telephone counselling provision - for employees who have suffered a psychological trauma and are unable to access urgent help through the NHS

  • Mindfulness workshops on-site* / online

  • Stress workshops on-site* / online - to help line managers spot symptoms of stress and manage it appropriately

Muscular Physiotherapy services:

  • On-site physiotherapy clinics* – regular provision only unless existing clinical couch available for ad hoc use on-site - minimum charge per day, best for groups

  • Physiotherapy at AHM’s clinic in Canterbury* - or in the clinics of our network physiotherapists

  • Physiotherapy workshops on-site* - focusing on specific problem areas across workforce – exercises and preventative measures

Respiratory Physiotherapy services:

  • On-site physiotherapy clinics* – ad hoc or regular provision - minimum charge per day, best for groups

  • Physiotherapy at AHM’s clinic in Canterbury* - or in the clinics of our network counsellors

  • Smoking cessation programmes delivered on-site8 - for individuals wishing to quit smoking

Nutrition services:

  • On-site nutrition consultations* – ad hoc or regular provision - minimum charge per day, best for groups

  • Nutrition consultations at AHM’s clinic in Canterbury* - or in the clinics of our network nutritionists

  • Telephone or video nutrition consultations

  • Nutrition workshops on-site* / online to educate groups about nutrition topics such as 'Food for Mood'

Service levels:

We respond as required to requests for associated services.

Next steps:
OEUK Medicals + Fit to train certificates

OEUK Medicals (Formally OGUK Medicals) + Fit to train certificates

What’s this?


An OEUK (formerly OGUK) medical is a medical assessment that is required for individuals working in the oil and gas industry. This assessment is designed to ensure that workers are fit to work offshore in demanding and potentially hazardous conditions.

The medical examination typically includes a review of the worker's medical history, a physical examination, and various tests, such as hearing and vision tests, lung function tests, and drug and alcohol screening. The aim of the examination is to identify any conditions or health issues that may put the worker or others at risk while working offshore.

Occupational health referral blog image.png
oil and gas image.png

The specific requirements for an OEUK medical may vary depending on the job position, but it is generally mandatory for workers who will be working offshore for more than 28 days. The medical examination is carried out by our specially trained doctors who are OEUK certified.

All Health Matters can also provide a Fit to Train certificate for offshore workers.

OEUK Medical (Formerly OGUK) - Oil & Gas

Optional: + Fit to Train certificate



Skin Checks Training

Skin Checks “Responsible Person” Training

Image by Tora Chu
Image by Dylan Gillis
What’s this?

If your employees work with skin sensitisers then your organisation may benefit from training some ‘responsible persons’ to undertake regular skin checks, as per HSE guidance.

Our training course is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills required to be 'responsible people' and carry out day-to-day skin checks on their colleagues. The training is delivered by a Specialist Occupational Health Nurse and can be done either online or face-to-face. The session lasts up to 1.5 hours online and up to 2 hours face-to-face, and can accommodate up to 10 delegates. (Please note face-to-face sessions are normally available only in Kent and London).

The training covers key topics such as identifying potential risks to skin in the workplace, understanding the importance of regular skin checks, and knowing how to carry out effective skin checks. After completing the training, each delegate will receive a certificate of attendance, which can be used as evidence of training to satisfy HSE guidelines. You will also receive a digital resource pack including a skin toolbox talk and posters to help educate your employees.

At All Health Matters, we believe that by providing this training service, we can help businesses ensure that they are meeting their duty of care to their employees and reducing the risk of skin problems within the workplace. By doing so, businesses can also avoid any potential legal and financial consequences that may arise from failing to comply with HSE guidelines.

If your business works with skin sensitisers, it is important to take proactive steps to protect your workforce. Our training course is a cost-effective and efficient way to ensure that your employees have the knowledge and skills required to carry out regular skin checks, in line with HSE guidelines.

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