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Ear Health Services

Your hearing is precious and it's important to look after your ears. All Health Matters provides ear irrigation and ear microsuction to help your ears stay comfortable and your hearing unobstructed.

Ear irrigation is the process of removing excess ear wax using a flow of warm water to flush out the ear.  Ear microsuction involves using special equipment to suction out the ear wax. These earwax removal services should only be performed by a trained professional and only when necessary.


In the majority of cases, ear wax does not need to be removed.


At All Health Matters, we can offer ear wax removal in the following circumstances:

  • When earwax is contributing to hearing loss

  • When the client is experiencing ongoing itchiness

  • When the client has blocked ears

  • When the client has a feeling of fullness in the ear

  • When the client is experiencing Vertigo (with assessment)

  • When the tympanic membrane is obscured by wax

Please complete our pre-screening form once you have booked your appointment to help us make sure this service is appropriate for you and save you a wasted trip:

Please note: This service is only available to over 18s.

Important information:

  • After ear wax removal it is common for a small amount of wax to remain if sticky or hard. As long as the nurse can see the Typmanic membrane (Eardrum) after the procedure this is deemed a completed service. 

  • If the wax is suitably softened before the procedure, we should be able to complete it on your first visit. However, if we cannot complete the service on your first visit, your second visit will be discounted by 40%, and in the unlikely event we still cannot complete the service, your third visit will be free.

  • Aftercare will be discussed during your consultation.

  • An ear health assessment is carried out as part of every appointment to ensure earwax removal is appropriate and necessary. The clinician will check for no sign of infection/ fungus/ abnormalities in the ear canal or with the Tympanic membrane (ear drum). Images will be taken, and if any concerns are raised, we can refer to a team of Audiologists if required. We have a minimum appointment fee of £35, even if no wax is removed, to cover this assessment and our staff member's time. 

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