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Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

To become industry leaders in occupational health, respected by clients and peers, with a proven track record of clinical and administrative excellence.

On a practical level, All Health Matters will:

  • Encourage corporate employees to evaluate their risk and develop healthy lifestyle habits.

  • Support managers in coaching employees to be healthy, engaged, and safe at work.

  • Provide organisations with strategic guidance to maximise performance and manage business risk.

Our Values

The AHM values outline how we work.

Our values are key to our success.

We have the plans and the focus to be industry leaders in occupational health. We will achieve this through a shared set of values that are clear to everyone who works here.


We keep everyone informed


It is in our power to change things for the better


We are stronger together


We treat others as we would like to be treated


We keep our promises

Our Goals

We have set out these goals to achieve our mission, and our AHM Values will underpin and guide the way we work towards them.

All Health Matters | Occupational Health
Employee Happiness

Healthy business needs healthy people - and happy people. At AHM, employee happiness and wellbeing is at the core of our business. We know that happy employees are more productive, more likely to stay with us, and more likely to have a positive impact on our clients, so it is essential that they are happy in what they do and enjoy coming to work.

Clinical & Team Excellence​


It is not enough to just tick the boxes and go through the motions. For AHM to achieve our mission to become industry leaders, we need to excel in everything we do. Clinical excellence is an absolute must to maintain our professional integrity, and this must be supported by a team who also excel in their roles - be that admin, finance, management, or any other role within the business.

Image by Axel Vazquez
Slick Workflows​


"Time is money" so the saying goes, and wasting time on inefficient practices is certainly wasting both our time and money. Everyone at AHM constantly strives to improve the way they work, and looks for ways to make our workflows and systems more efficient. If it can be automated, let us automate it, if it can be done better, faster, smarter, let us make a change and free up our people's time for things that need a human touch.

Industry Experts


To achieve our mission to become industry leaders in OH, everyone at AHM needs to become an expert in what we do. Every person in every role should feel comfortable talking about OH, AHM and related subjects. It is therefore essential to provide regular learning and knowledge sharing opportunities to reinforce collective knowledge across the company.

Experts Panel
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