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All Health Matters Expands East London Clinic, Boosting Access to Occupational Health Referrals

All Health Matters (AHM), a recognised leader in the field of occupational health, proudly announces the expansion of its East London clinic in E16 (Docklands). This strategic move has increased the clinic's capacity for occupational health referrals, offering East London businesses unrivalled access to expert support in managing employee health concerns. 

Empowering Businesses with Enhanced Capacity for Occupational Health Referrals

As a well-established occupational health provider, AHM is well-placed to support employers and HR teams in managing employee health at work. With a team of medical staff specialising in workplace health, AHM understands the difficulties of navigating employee health issues, particularly when absenteeism and complex management referrals to occupational health arise. The expanded East London clinic offers swift access to expert assessments and guidance. 

The Thames cable car at Royal Victoria dock. The cable cars and structure are reflected in the river along with a blue sky.
All Health Matters' East London clinic is based in Royal Victoria Dock, E16

These assessments go beyond the limitations of generic "fit notes" by offering comprehensive evaluations and actionable advice. AHM's occupational health assessments can address critical concerns such as: 

  • Reasonable Adjustments: Identifying workplace modifications that facilitate an employee's safe and productive return to work. 

  • Return-to-Work Planning: Developing tailored strategies for reintegration after illness or injury. 

  • Illness and Sickness Absence Management: Providing clear guidance on managing chronic conditions within the workplace and exploring alternative work arrangements when necessary. 

AHM is dedicated to providing a fast and efficient service, recognising the urgency often associated with employee health matters. The East London clinic strives to schedule occupational health referrals within ten working days, often accommodating appointments within the same week. Reports are released within 2 working days in 88% of cases, where the employee has not requested to see it first.

Additionally, remote consultations can be offered via video or telephone call, further enhancing convenience and minimising disruption when management referrals to occupational health are necessary. 

But AHM's expertise extends beyond occupational health assessments. The expanded East London clinic serves as a comprehensive hub for various workplace health needs, including: 

  • Work Medicals: Ensure employees meet fitness-to-work requirements for specific roles, contributing to a well-functioning workforce. 

  • Pre-Employment Medicals: Gain valuable insights into the health and wellbeing of potential hires, informed by thorough occupational health assessments. 

  • Travel Health and Vaccinations: Protect employees venturing abroad with appropriate health advice and immunisation services, promoting employee wellbeing. 

  • Private Blood Testing: Access to a wide range of blood tests with prompt and confidential results, supporting informed decision-making in occupational health assessments. 

By combining these services under one roof, AHM empowers businesses in East London to proactively address their employee health needs. This holistic approach fosters a healthier, more productive workforce, and ultimately contributes to successful business

Two photos, one of a waiting area with green chair with the caption "improved waiting area" and the other of a bright clinical room with the caption "brighter clinical rooms"
The new clinic space offers a brighter, more welcoming environment for patients and staff

AHM invites businesses in East London to experience the benefits of its expanded clinic. With proven expertise, streamlined access to occupational health referrals, and a commitment to client satisfaction, AHM stands ready to partner in building resilient and thriving workplaces. 




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