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Free online nutrition and hydration resources

Updated: Jul 10

Nutrition and Hydration Week falls in the second week of March. It's an opportunity to share knowledge with your employees about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and staying adequately hydrated.

We've done the hard work and trawled the web for the best online training and resources to help you and your team learn and understand the key messages about nutrition and hydration, and help put them into practice.

Pick your favourites, or share the whole list with your team, and offer them some time to explore the resources and get inspired to make healthy changes.

Webinars & Videos

  • The British Nutrition Foundation hosts a series of free webinars on topics ranging from fish in the diet to discussions about protein and fibre.

  • This webinar from The European Hydration Institute explores why hydration matters, and how to make sure you're adequately hydrated.

  • Another short video from The European Hydration Institute explains the impact of mild dehydration on driving. It explains how driving whilst dehydrated can be just as bad as driving after a couple of glasses of wine and is a real eye opener for drivers.

Online Courses

  • Nutrition and Disease Prevention - This free online course helps learners understand how good nutrition can prevent disease. It's a four week course requiring 2 hours study per week, and you can pay to receive a certificate at the end if you wish. It is taught by staff from Taipei Medical University's School of Nutrition and Health Science.

  • Superfoods: Myths and Truths - Another Future Learn course developed by University of Turin and EIT Food, exploring the definition and impact of superfoods. This is a 4 week course requiring 3 hours study per week, and you can pay to receive a certificate at the end if you wish.

  • A Matter of Fat - A free course produced by the British Nutrition Foundation exploring all things fat - from its purpose to where it's found. Guidance suggests the course takes around 6 hours to complete, and there is a final assessment at the end.

  • Hydration & Physical Activity - The European Hydration Institute has produced this self directed course to help people undertaking physical activity understand the role hydration plays in physical performance. The homepage shows a handy overview of the modules within the course and allows you to easily navigate your way around.


  • The British Heart Foundation has a whole host of nutrition quizzes on everything from biscuits to vegan diets. Quizzes are a fun way to help people learn some key facts about nutrition.

  • WebMD has a pretty in depth quiz about hydration with lots of easily digested information. It's an American website so volumes are measured in fluid ounces, so give your teams a heads up if you're UK based.

Recipe Finders

  • This healthy recipe finder from the British Heart Foundation has a comprehensive database of heart friendly recipes. The filters let you eliminate certain food based on dietary requirements, search for particular cuisines, and determine how long you're prepared to spend cooking.

  • Eat This Much is a handy tool for planning meals that fit your diet, needs and goals. There is a free version which is great for daily inspiration, or the paid version allows you to plan ahead and automatically plan your shopping list.

Fact sheets & information

  • We've put together a simple one page fact sheet on the topic of "Healthy eating - back to basics" - scroll down to the bottom of the blog post to download a printable PDF to share with your teams.

  • The British Nutrition Foundation has some excellent information and guides about portion sizes - there are free downloadable leaflets and posters at the bottom of this webpage for you to circulate and spread the word.

  • For a full and comprehensive guide to eating well, look no further than NHS Eat Well - a site full of information, recipes and tips on what to eat, and how to look after your digestive health.

  • The European Hydration Institute has these hydration cards available to download, on topics such as dehydration, hydration for hot weather, and the importance of variety in staying hydrated.


  • Dishing up Nutrition - Hosted by licenced nutritionists and dieticians, these podcast episodes run for around 40-50 minutes, discussing a variety of nutrition related topics such as weight, mental health and metabolism. Listen on: Apple podcasts Spotify Castbox

  • The Nutrition Diva's Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous - Nutrition Diva, Monica Reinagel, is a licenced nutritionist and author of The Inflammation Free Diet Plan and Nutrition Diva's Secrets for a Healthy Diet, among others. Podcast episodes run anywhere between 7 - 30 minutes, although most are around the 9-10 minute mark. Listen on: Apple podcasts Spotify Castbox

  • Nutrition Facts with Dr Greger - Dr Michael Greger is a doctor specialising in clinical nutrition and author of bestselling book How Not to Die. The podcasts episodes run around 10 - 20 minutes long and look at the link between nutrition and a host of health issues, as well as delving more deeply into the ins and outs of certain foods. Listen on: Apple podcasts Spotify Castbox

Hopefully you've found something in this list that will be a good fit for your team and help you to promote healthy nutrition and hydration. if you're running a campaign in your workplace, we'd love to hear about it and see what you've been up to - tag as @allhealthmatt on Twitter. or if you'd like some help running your nutrition and hydration health promotion campaign, contact us to discuss your requirements. Free Health Promotion Resources: Be the first to receive Health Chatter information, and other content related to employee health and wellbeing by signing up to our Health Chatter emails.



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