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All Health Matters launches new website offering free employee wellbeing library

Occupational health provider All Health Matters Ltd has launched a new website offering free employee wellbeing resources to encourage business leaders and HR professionals to start conversations about employee health.

The company undertook an exciting shift in March this year, becoming the first employee-owned Occupational Health (OH) company in the UK. This, along with a board level shake up, has brought renewed energy to the business and its people.

One change high on the priority list was updating the website to reflect the company as it is today, and solidify All Health Matters’ status as a quality, professional, and personable occupational health provider.

Director of Communications, Alice Monk, said “All Health Matters is built on human connection - we pride ourselves on our personal touch and strive to be real partners to our clients. We’ve listened to the challenges our clients face when implementing OH services, and now host freely available resources on our website to help them, and others, in overcoming those hurdles.”

Current and prospective clients will find resources to support employee and leadership buy-in to occupational health services, as well as example reports and documentation. The business case for each OH service offering is clearly stated along with transparent service levels.

Another new feature is a free employee wellbeing resource library, hosting factsheets and posters on a number of key health topics such as mental health, smoking, and drugs and alcohol.

Alice Monk says, “At its core, our purpose is about improving the health of people at work, and we want to extend that to as many people as possible. For those companies and professionals who believe that employee wellbeing is a top priority, we’ve added a free employee wellbeing resource library which we’ll keep adding to and growing. Knowledge is a key step to making informed health decisions, and whilst they’re no substitute for tailored support and initiatives, we hope that our free wellbeing resources can start conversations, and help empower employees to take control of their health.” Employee health and wellbeing is becoming high on the agenda for businesses all over the UK as they recognise the benefits of a healthy workforce.

  • 72% of UK managers named wellbeing as a top priority in a 2021 survey by The Chartered Management Institute

  • 67% of line managers are bought into the importance of employee wellbeing – CIPD – Health and Wellbeing at Work 2021: Survey Report

  • 67% of employees are keen to engage with health and wellbeing initiatives – CIPD – Health and Wellbeing at Work 2021: Survey Report




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