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WEBINAR: The 8 fundamentals of healthy eating - Healthy Eating Week
with All Health Matters and Apples to Zinc Nutrition 12th June 2024
** Available until 31st July 2024 **

Working at home


Forget counting your macros or the latest fad diet. Get clear on the basics of healthy eating and build a solid and - more importantly - sustainable foundation for healthy eating. Janet Padfield takes us back to the fundamentals of what "healthy eating" really means, with a down to earth and practical approach (that doesn't totally ban cake!)

Watch the full Webinar here

About Janet & Apples to Zinc Nutrition

Janet Padfield is the founder & nutritionist of Apples to Zinc Nutrition. She is a specialist with many years of experience. In her clinic, she sees clients one to one for tailored nutrition advice and also runs online programs and corporate talks

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