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OH Resources - Employee Buy-in

Get employee buy-in for occupational health

Employees can be suspicious of occupational health services, especially if they are being newly introduced and are not already part of company culture. The key to getting your employees to buy-in to occupational health and willingly engage, or even welcome services is educating them about what occupational health is, and how it benefits them.

Help your employees understand the role of occupational health and how it benefits them with our ready made resources.

We can provide bespoke and branded resources for our clients - speak to your account manager, or contact us.

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Health Surveillance FAQs
Protecting your health at work - Poster
What is health surveillance? - Video

This video, filmed at our Canterbury clinic, shows some of the most common elements of a health surveillance medical:

  • Blood pressure

  • Height & weight

  • Hearing test

  • Spirometry (lung function)

  • Vision

  • Skin check

And talks about why we do these things.

It can be helpful for employees who are nervous about their medical to see the tests being done. you can share the video with them on YouTube, or contact us if you would like a copy to upload to your intranet.

Introducing occupational health - Presentation / Webinar

Talk to us about providing a talk, presentation, or webinar for your employees to introduce them to the occupational health service, help them understand what to expect, and answer any questions they may have.

Talks would be designed to meet your needs. An example of the sort of topics we could cover include:

  • Health surveillance - what to expect (for employees)

  • Referring to OH - how to make an effective referral to get the answers you need, and understanding the implications of a report (for managers)

  • General introduction - focusing on the specific services we are offering within your business, how employees can access OH services, how OH can support managers and employees

  • Introduction to OH dashboard - giving HR / managers the confidence to use our OH dashboard to refer / access reports and fitness certificates

We want to help you make the introduction of All Health Matters and OH services as smooth as possible for your employees to minimise disruption and ensure everyone is armed with accurate information. Whatever the unique needs of your business, we can put together a bespoke talk or presentation to meet them. Speak to your account manager or contact us to discuss.

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