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OH Resources - Example OH Reports

Example occupational health reports (management referral reports)

Our reports aim to give you the information and advice you need to manage your employees effectively. Whether the referral was made due to medical capability, return to work, work-related ill health, or another reason, we believe it's important that our reports help you progress, or get a clearer understanding of the situation.

We aim to return reports within 2 days, and achieve this in 88% of cases, however employees can request to see the report before their employer and in this instance, there may be a delay whilst we obtain their consent to release. We'll keep you informed through the process so you know what to expect.


Our reports also come with up to 4 weeks remote support for the referring manager, in case you have questions about the report, what your obligations are, or just need to talk it through.


Of course, all reports vary wildly depending on the reason for referral, the outcome, and the way your business works, but we've included some examples below to give you an idea about what you can expect.

Example Occupational Health Report - Upper Limb Issue
Example Occupational Health Report - Stroke
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