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Drug & alcohol testing

Ensure compliance with your drug and alcohol policy

What is drug & alcohol screening?

Drug testing is usually carried out either via an 'instant' urine test, or a urine sample sent to the laboratory. Alcohol testing is usually performed as a breath test, or in some cases, a saliva test.


These tests determine whether employees have been using substances in contradiction with your drug and alcohol policy.


Testing can be carried out at pre-placement stage, as a random screening programme, or ‘for cause’ if you suspect someone is under the influence at work. We can also help with policy creation and implementation should you need assistance.

The business case


There are many good reasons to implement a drug and alcohol policy. Usually the reason is that the nature of the work you do means having an employee under the influence of alcohol or drugs could put people’s health and safety at risk – be that the person themselves, their colleagues, or the general public.

Testing for drugs & alcohol at pre-placement stage can alert you if you’re about to employ someone who is a drug user or has an alcohol problem, and give you the grounds to revoke the job offer.

Random testing on your existing employees helps you ensure that no one has started using drugs or become dependent on alcohol. If they have, it gives you the opportunity to support valued employees to quit if they are willing.

‘For cause’ testing can be carried out following an accident, a report of suspected substance abuse, or an unusual event which could be attributed to substance abuse, and lets you act according to policy.

Drug testing: We use instant urine drug tests which give a result in five minutes. The result is either negative or ‘non-negative’. For negative results, we can issue a certificate the same day. Non-negative results are sent to our lab for further analysis as there are some safe substances that can generate a non-negative response, such as some prescription medicines and even poppy seeds. The lab test results are usually returned to us within 2 – 5 days at which point they are reviewed by our clinical team and a certificate is issued.

Alcohol testing: This is usually carried out with our police grade breathalysers* which give an instant reading of the user’s breath alcohol content to compare with your policy guidelines. In some instances, a saliva test may be more appropriate.

Delivery method:

  • Testing conducted on-site - minimum charge applicable – best for group bookings

  • Testing conducted on-site in AHM mobile clinic - minimum charge & mobile hire applicable – best for group bookings

  • Testing conducted at AHM clinic - Canterbury, West London, East London, Bexhill

Service levels:

We aim to offer a date for drug and/or alcohol testing within 10 working days at AHM clinics but can usually find appointments the same week.

On-site or mobile unit bookings can usually be accommodated within 10 working days, but very occasionally during busier periods there can be up to a 4 week wait.

A 2-hour-Response service can be arranged with prior agreement for ‘for cause’ testing on site, or we can train your team to carry out ‘for cause’ testing themselves.

Certificates are sent back the same day as the test in 90% of cases, and we aim for all certificates to be returned within 2 days unless there is a delay with the lab in which case we will keep you informed and should be able to return it in 5 days.

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