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Associated Services

Psychology, physiotherapy, and nutrition services from our trusted partners

What are associated services?

We have a network of Counsellors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists,  Nutritionists, and Physiotherapists who we work closely with and can refer to if the need arises.

This might be required as a one off measure in response to, for example, an employee who has suffered a trauma and requires counselling, or an employee whose return to work is delayed because of NHS waiting lists for therapy. 


Alternatively, regular provision of services might be appropriate such as regular onsite physiotherapy services for organisations with a high musculoskeletal risk.

The business case


If an employee is suffering with their physical or mental health, and it is affecting their ability to do their job, then it makes sense to do what you can to get them back to work as quickly as possible.

With NHS services under pressure and long waiting lists for mental health and physiotherapy, employees can be left struggling and unable to work, or at reduced capacity for weeks, sometimes getting worse while they wait.


Finding a quicker route into these therapies for your employee can help you get them back to full capacity quicker than you would if waiting for the NHS and prevent any deterioration of their condition that may come from a delay in getting help.

Employees appreciate the fast track to care provided by employers, and this prompts greater loyalty and respect. Employers appreciate the ability to help their employees in a tangible way and reduce the strain on the company by enabling a quicker recovery.

Delivery method:

Psychological services:

  • On-site counselling / psychotherapy clinics* – ad hoc or regular provision - minimum charge per day, best for groups

  • Counselling / psychotherapy at AHM’s clinic in Canterbury* - or in the clinics of our network counsellors

  • Telephone or video counselling / psychotherapy

  • Emergency telephone counselling provision - for employees who have suffered a psychological trauma and are unable to access urgent help through the NHS

  • Mindfulness workshops on-site* / online

  • Stress workshops on-site* / online - to help line managers spot symptoms of stress and manage it appropriately

Muscular Physiotherapy services:

  • On-site physiotherapy clinics* – regular provision only unless existing clinical couch available for ad hoc use on-site - minimum charge per day, best for groups

  • Physiotherapy at AHM’s clinic in Canterbury* - or in the clinics of our network physiotherapists

  • Physiotherapy workshops on-site* - focusing on specific problem areas across workforce – exercises and preventative measures

Nutrition services:

  • On-site nutrition consultations* – ad hoc or regular provision - minimum charge per day, best for groups

  • Nutrition consultations at AHM’s clinic in Canterbury* - or in the clinics of our network nutritionists

  • Telephone or video nutrition consultations

  • Nutrition workshops on-site* / online - to educate groups about nutrition topics such as 'Food for Mood'

Service levels:

We respond as required to requests for associated services.

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