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Occupational Health Needs Audit

Understand which occupational health services you need, with no obligation

What is an occupational health needs audit?

Our specialist team can audit your sites, working practices, and any existing occupational health provision to make sure your occupational health needs are being met.

We talk to managers and workers across your site(s), review policies and legislative requirements relevant to your business, examine your risks, requirements, and long term goals. We then report back on our findings to let you know how well your current provision fits with your needs and expectations, and what could be done to improve your occupational health service.

The business case


An effective occupational health service meets the specific needs of the business, no more, no less. The best way to understand your requirements is by talking to members of staff throughout your organisation to understand what the prevailing risks and health concerns are.

Whilst some aspects of occupational health are driven by legislation, the nuances of the types of work carried out by teams varies from business to business, department to department and even person to person.


For example: You may have a team of operatives, all of whom work in a noisy environment, 3 of which are safety critical workers because they work in confined spaces, and 2 of which are also fork lift truck drivers. Whilst these workers may all have the title "Operative", they don't all require a full fork lift truck or safety critical medical which may take longer than a 'standard' medical.


Making sure these nuances are captured when planning an OH services is important to ensure time and resources are used efficiently. 


Similarly, you may have an aging workforce who would benefit from health education about managing musculoskeletal issues. Or a busy finance team that suffers from high levels of stress related sickness absence and needs help embedding resilience strategies into their team culture.

Making sure the occupational health service fulfils needs specific to your business and your employees ensures you are getting the best possible value and not paying for unnecessary services. Targeting the issues that matter to your workforce helps improve productivity and engagement, and provides long lasting health benefits therefore minimising sickness absence. It is therefore worth investing in getting the service right in the beginning, to ensure long term financial, cultural, and health benefits to your business and employees.

Our testimonials show that our clients value our honesty and integrity, and we pride ourselves on our ability to see the big picture and recommend services that you actually need, without embellishing to suit our own needs. Furthermore, OH audits are carried out with no obligation to use All Health Matters as your OH provider going forward so you can be assured of an accurate, honest report with realistic, practical advice and recommendations.


Delivery method:

  • On-site audit - an OH specialist will visit your site(s) over one or more days to understand your business and health requirements

Service levels:

We aim to offer a date for site visit within 4 weeks.

We aim to provide the report within 10 working days of the site visit.

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