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OEUK Medicals (Formally OGUK Medicals) + Fit to train certificates

Get certified as fit to work in the oil & gas industry

What are OEUK medicals and Fit to Train Certificates?


An OEUK (formerly OGUK) medical is a medical assessment that is required for individuals working in the oil and gas industry. This assessment is designed to ensure that workers are fit to work offshore in demanding and potentially hazardous conditions.

The medical examination typically includes a review of the worker's medical history, a physical examination, and various tests, such as hearing and vision tests, lung function tests, and drug and alcohol screening. The aim of the examination is to identify any conditions or health issues that may put the worker or others at risk while working offshore.

The specific requirements for an OEUK medical may vary depending on the job position, but it is generally mandatory for workers who will be working offshore for more than 28 days. The medical examination is carried out by our specially trained doctors who are OEUK certified.

All Health Matters can also provide a Fit to Train certificate for offshore workers.

Prices for Oil & Gas medicals in London & Canterbury:

  • OEUK Medical (Formerly OGUK) - Oil & Gas - £180

  • Optional: + Fit to Train certificate - £20

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