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Fit to work medicals & health surveillance

Routine & job specific employee health checks

What is health surveillance?

Health surveillance is a routine medical assessment that is repeated at regular intervals when an employee is exposed to hazards that could affect their health. e.g. noise, dust, chemicals, vibration. Results are compared over time allowing an overview of the workers’ health and the ability to spot trends. Some health surveillance is mandatory, and other times it is just best practice. Health surveillance helps you ensure your health & safety measures are effective in mitigating risk to worker’s health.

What are fit to work medicals?

Fit to Work Medicals are also medical assessments but are usually required to confirm fitness for a one-off project when routine recall is not necessarily required.

The business case for health surveillance and fit to work medicals

In certain environments, health surveillance is a statutory requirement and the HSE will expect it to be carried out routinely. In other circumstances, it is advisable under your duty of care even if it is not required by law.

Health surveillance allows your occupational health provider to monitor the health or your workforce over several years. The OH service can make sure the worker’s health is not deteriorating because of the work they do, as well as providing a routine reminder to your employees about the importance of PPE and following Health & Safety processes to protect their health. The OH service can give specialist advice about any restrictions that may need to be considered should an employee present with a health issue. They can work with you to identify whether the cause of the ill health could be work related, allowing you to investigate and check the measures you have in place are working.

The OH service can look at the health data across whole departments to check for trends and markers, and help you spot potentials issues early, protecting the business from widespread work-related ill health.

Fit to Work Medicals are often required to ensure your workers are fit to work on certain projects. All Health Matters has a fast turn around of appointments and fitness certificates, and can help you get the certification you need quickly.

Delivery method

The decision between questionnaire-based assessments and face to face medicals will be driven by your risk assessment and any statutory requirements.

  • Online questionnaire screening – followed up by telephone call/video call if required

  • Telephone questionnaire screening - where appropriate during covid-19

  • Medical assessment on-site* - minimum charge applicable – best for group bookings

  • Medical assessment on-site in AHM mobile clinic* - minimum charge & mobile hire applicable – best for group bookings

  • Medical assessment at AHM clinic* - Canterbury, West London, East London, Bexhill


Service levels

We aim to screen questionnaires within 2 days, and 60% of these are screened and fitness certificates sent back the same day.

We aim to offer a date for a medical assessment within 10 working days at AHM clinics but can usually find appointments the same week.

On-site or mobile unit bookings can usually be accommodated within 10 working days, but very occasionally during busier periods there can be up to a 4 week wait.

Fitness certificates are sent back the same day as medical assessments in 90% of cases, and we aim for all certificates to be returned within 2 days.

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