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All Health Matters - Occupational Health And General medical Service

May 11, 2021

HSE occupational health step guide

The Health and Safety Executive have published guidance on occupational health, including how to ensure businesses are buying the right support when choosing an OH provider.

Employers have a legal duty to ensure their work does not affect their physical or mental health. An occupational health provider can help fulfill this duty, but must be competent to do so. The HSE's guide provides information on buying support from occupational health professionals, as well as advice about assessing competence.

Whilst some occupational health activity, such as health surveillance, is clearly required by law, other occupational health activities can also help employers fulfil their legal duties. The type of OH support required is specific to each business and identified by risk assessments. If a business needs support in assessing their OH requirements, an occupational health needs audit could be beneficial.

View the HSE guidance here