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May 13, 2019

Where to find mental health support - free resource

To help you signpost your employees to mental health support services, we've put together this "Where to find mental health support" fact sheet.

Download the fact sheet here to share with your teams.




For #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek here's a run down of our top blog posts exploring mental health related topics and how to improve the mental wellbeing of your employees.

  1. Health Chatter: Mental Health & Mindfulness (downloadable fact sheet included to share with your teams)
  2. Health Chatter: What to do about anxiety (downloadable fact sheet included to share with your teams)
  3. Benefits of stress training for line managers
  4. 5 relaxation methods to practice at work
  5. 5 Simple ways to celebrate Time to Talk Day in your workplace
  6. How to promote financial wellbeing on a small budget
  7. Employee Appreciation: 30 ways to show you care
  8. 10 ways to celebrate Slow Down Day in your workplace




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