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Jan 29, 2016

World Cancer Day 4th February 2016

In recognition of World Cancer Day on 4th February, All Health Matters are backing IOSH's 'No Time to Lose' campaign raising awareness of occupational cancer.

It's estimated that 666,000 people die globally each year from cancers caused by workplace exposure, and in the UK, 5% of all cancers are caused by work.

The No Time to Lose campaign is encouraging organisations to pledge to actively join the campaign and take proactive steps to reduce the risks in their own work environments. Many people underestimate or are unaware of the risks associated with such exposure and, equally, which substances are classed as carcinogens. As well as the well known carcinogens such as Asbestos, over 50 other substances are listed as known or probable causes of workplace cancer including diesel fumes and silica dust.

With greater awareness, it is hoped that more measures will be put in place to prevent occurances of occupational cancer. This may be by removing the risks, or minimising them through use of equipment, change of workplace practices and encouranging and enforcing the use of PPE amongst the workforce. Promoting how serious the consequences could be may go some way to making a positive change.

For more information, free resources and to pledge on behalf of your organisation, visit the No Time to Lose website now. There really is no time to lose.